Leadership at Chrysalis

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Our Staff

Rev. Dr. Deborah Adams

Head Pastor

333-555-5555 ext. 3


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Rev. Jack Peters

Minister of Discipleship

333-555-5555 ext. 4


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Henry Williams

Music Director

333-555-5555 ext. 44

Contact Me

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Rebecca McRoberts

Admininstrator and Communications

333-555-5555 ext. 6


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Church Council

Brianna Smith


LaTrishia Barns

Vice Chairperson

Mike Danby


George Salazar


Elenore Crumkie

Member at Large

Ross Tanner

Member at Large

Bette Menford

Member at Large

Ronald Guiser-Jones

Member at Large


Jim Gaffords

Teresa Johansen

Edward Markenson

Peter Mayburn